Sunshine Daydream Guild

Furthur, the Guild Airship

First Lower Deck

Collegium of the Twelve (combines Crusader's Chapel, Arcane Sanctum, Trapsmith's Workshop, Wild Grove)
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Positive and Negative Spell power
+1 Guild Bonus to Saves vs. Enchantments
+25 Guild bonus to Maximum Spell Points
+1 Spell Penetration
+5% Fortification Bypass
+2 Extra Wild Empathy per rest
+[1/2/3] to all ability scores for summoned/charmed creatures
Divine vendor
Trapsmith vendor
Arcane vendor

Hold rooms off of the Collegium of the Twelve:

Banquet Hall (to the northwest)
Spirit Binder
Heal and regain Spell Points over 1m 30s
The Orien Express (to the northeast)
Auction House
Floating Rock Garden (to the southwest)
+2 Strength
+2 Wisdom
Shrine of Experience (to the southeast)
Cannith Crafting Hall
Item Deconstruction
Bound Shard Creation
Bound Item Assembly
Unbound Shard Creation
Unbound Item Assembly
Crafting Hall Vendor
Available only by special request to a guild officer (and will temporarily replace the Cannith Crafting Hall)
Green Steel Crafting Hall
Altar of Fecundity
Altar of Invasion
Altar of Subjugation
Altar of Devastation

Hold rooms off of the Cannith Crafting Hall:

Farshifter's Chambers (to the northwest)
Teleporter access to Hall of Heroes
Farshifter to other locations
Chronoscope (to the northeast)
+[1/2/3] Guild bonus to Reflex saving throws
+40% Enhancement bonus to movement speed while in public areas
Paradoxical Puzzle Box (to the southeast)
+2 Dexterity
+2 Intelligence
Archwizard (to the southwest)
+1 Guild bonus to Difficulty Checks of your spells

Second Lower Deck

Bath House
+10% Healing Amplification
Range of Unconsciousness +[5/10/15]
-10% damage while helpless

Hold rooms off of the Bath House:

Black Abbott's Shadow (to the northwest)
+1 Turn Undead
+1 Lay on Hands
+1 Smite Evil
Against Evil Creatures: +4 deflection bonus to AC, +1 enhancement bonus to saving throws
NEW! Otto's Irresistable Dancehall (to the northeast)
+[1/2/3] Balance
+[1/2/3] Jump
+[1/2/3] Move Silently
+[1/2/3] Perform
+[1/2/3] Swim
+[1/2/3] Tumble
Shrine to the Devourer (to the northeast)
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances and Spell Power
Hag Apothecary (to the southwest)
+20 Maximum HP
+1 Fortitude Saves vs. Poison
+1 Fortitude Saves vs. Disease
Game Hunter (to the southeast)
+[1/2/3] Fortitude Saves
+5% damage to helpless enemies
NEW! Grand Reliquary
replaces Stormreaver Memorial, Shrine to the Devourer, & Sign of the Silver Flame
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances and Spell Power
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance and Fire/Light Spell Power

Hold rooms off of the Grand Reliquary:

Forbidden Library (to the northwest)
+[1/2/3] Concentration
+[1/2/3] Heal
+[1/2/3] Repair
+[1/2/3] Spellcraft
+[1/2/3] Use Magic Device
NEW! Throne Room (to the northeast)
+[1/2/3] Bluff
+[1/2/3] Diplomacy
+[1/2/3] Haggle
+[1/2/3] Intimidate
+[1/2/3] Listen
Sign of the Silver Flame (to the northeast)
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance and Fire/Light Spell Power
NEW! Ninja Assassin (to the southwest)
+0.25(W) Weapon Damage (only when flanking?)
+6 To-Hit bonus when flanking (really 2/4/6?)
Stormreaver Memorial (to the southwest)
+[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power
Concert Hall (to the southeast)
+1 Guild bonus to save vs. Enchantments
+1 Extra Bard Song per day
+1 Extra Action Boost per day

Third Lower Deck

Proving Ground (combines Archery Range, Armory, Grandmaster's Dojo, Tactical Training Room)
+2 Will Save
+[2/4/6] Guild Bonus to Armor Class
+[5%/10%/15%] Fortification
+2% Guild bonus to Doubleshot
+[2/4/6] Damage on Critical Hits
+1 DC to Trip, Sunder and Slicing Blow
+2 To-hit with physical attacks
Fencing Master (north of the Proving Ground)
+2% max dodge
+2 max dexterity bonus from armor
Old Sully's Grog Cellar (south of the Proving Ground)
+2 Charisma
+2 Constitution
Bash the Breakables Cargo Bay (south side of the hall)
+1 Guild bonus to the level of your treasure from chests
Danger Room (north side of the hall)
+[1/2/3] Disable Device
+[1/2/3] Hide
+[1/2/3] Open Lock
+[1/2/3] Search
+[1/2/3] Spot

Cargo Hold

Unavailable - Guild Vault
Unavailable - Sellswords Tavern (150 AS)
+[1/2/3] to ability scores for hirelings
Hireling Vendor (levels 4-Epic)
Unavailable - Three Finger Thad's
General Vendor
Armor Pawn Broker
Weapons Pawn Broker
Clothing Pawn Broker
Jewelry Pawn Broker

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