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Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Dealing with Loot

Item Rarity:

Common Items with a Copper Border


Uncommon Items with a Silver Border


Rare Items with a Gold Border

rare items

Exceptional Items with a Platinum Border



- Potions of Invisibility
- Resist 30 Potions
- Potions of Mnemonic Enhancement (save for trade to our magic users)
- Experience Elixers
- Siberys cakes
- Weapons of the following kinds: Lacerating, Paralyzing, Banishing, Disruption, Smiting
- Medium or Large Bags
- Portable Hole
- Muckbane or Muck's Doom
- Clickies for Blur, Invisibility, and Jump
- Dragon Scales (from Gianthold)
- Shreds of Tapestry (from Orchard of Macabre)
- named items from Raids
- named items in the green bag that are not essences
(these may be needed for flagging or hve other purpose, ask a guildie)

Consider mailing to Makazokri, our Guild's Crafter:

- all essences (paying 100 plat each for greater essences AND will craft for you)
- clothing and jewelry with green slots or multiple slots (paying 5k plat each)
- Slaying Arrows
- Greater Elemental Bane Arrows
- stat tomes, after using any you need (paying negotiated value or returning)
- Risia ice coins
- certain collectibles

Breakdown for Essences in the Crafting Hall

- armors with a prefix or suffix
- weapons with a prefix or suffix

Keep or List on the AH

- all skill tomes
- any stat tomes not useful to you or sold to Makazokri
- Mithral Full Plate armors
- Mithral Breastplate armors
- clothing or jewelry with +5/+6 to any stat and no other effect
- creature companion ownership certificates
- RARE NAMED ITEMS (the item's description will have a gold border or platinum border)
Exceptions: Keoghtom's Ointment (sell this to a vendor)
- Wands of Blur
- Scrolls with no UMD check for Wizard 15+ (arcane level 8 & 9 scrolls)
- Scroll of Dimension Door and other useful rare scrolls
- Raid Timer Bypass
- Heart of Wood

Sell without hesitation:

- gems
- spell components
- most potions
- most wands except Wand of Blur
- most scrolls (see exceptions here)
- thieve's tools except +5 (give +5 tools to a friendly artificer or rogue)
- armors without a prefix or suffix (ie "+3 Chain Shirt")
- weapons without a prefix or suffix (ie "+4 Short Sword")
- arrows other than Slaying or Greater Bane arrows
- bolts

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