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Sunshine Daydream's Visual Guide

updated February, 2014

Going Questing

Get Quest
Talk to this NPC to Get a Quest
Do Quest You have the quest, go to it :)
Shrines The Fire Shrine to Resurrect
The Moon Shrine to Rest
Damage Yellow damage is Reduced by Monster's Damage Reduction
Green damage is Healing rather than Harming the monster
Orange damage is Standard damage
Highly Susceptible to Purple damage
Bold/large Numbers are a Critical Hit
Skull Icon is the Killing Blow

Puzzle Wheels

Commonly Called
Beholder icon
Beholder, Elephant, Pacman, n
Candy Cane icon Candy Cane, Hook, Dragon,
British Pound Sign, f
Dragon icon Dragon, Dancing Dragon, Karate Guy,
Nose, Pistol, Helmet, 7
H icon H
Snowflake icon Snowflake, Asterisk, Bug,
Double Cross, Hashtag
Tree icon Tree, Cactus, Cometfall, Fire, Middle Finger, Klingon Bird of Prey, Trident, Scorpion, Hat

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