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Sunshine Daydream (Guild)
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Akateva Nahewenoka

previously known as Ammahra Nahewenoka*

Halfling, Chaotic Good

Rogue 11 / Ranger 2, Lesser Reincarnated
then continued to a pure Rogue 20 Assassin

Ammahra wandered out of her safe little shire in December, 2009, looking for some adventure and having no clue what was in store for her.

When she first left her village she was a weak halfling with some good skills at disabling traps and opening locks and could sneak past anything to get a soulstone surrounded by foes. Later she became a bit stronger and was wielded two rapiers while attacking with a vengeance any who dared harm her friends and allies.

Ammahra equally enjoyed sneaking ahead to take a surprise attack on unsuspecting evil creatures or covering her party members' backs while they started the fray. Although she gained a splash of Ranger skills by her association with Amethysti (which led to choosing 2 levels of Ranger), Ammahra then continued solidly on the Rogue's path.

Kaibeth, Ammahra's lover and partner, was struck by tragedy late in 2010 (a mental health crisis caused her to delete her character on a whim).

The loss of her lover, friend, and partner left Ammahra devasted. In the aftermath, Ammahra herself killed a part of herself by eliminating her splash of ranger via a lesser reincarnation to play a pure rogue. But she never forgot her lover Kaibeth and the rest of her life seemed to drag by...

Several years later, Ammahra neared level 20 and contemplated retiring from further adventures to instead operate a banking business. By this time she rarely traveled into exciting unfamiliar places due to both the sadness at the loss of her human ally Kaibeth and the difficulty of soloing such accomplishments as a mid-level first-life rogue.

Instead she reunited with Kaibeth, finding her soul reborn in an elf's body and now near her experience level (Kaibeth's first life had eventually started again at level 1 without any apparent memory or benefit from her first 14 levels before that fateful character deletion and had been paired instead with an alt).

They pledged to never part again and planned their fate-bound journeys to Heroic Completionists. At the end of 2013 the journey got underway...

Chaotic Good

Occult Slayer

Reborn as a half-orc barbarian instead of a halfling rogue, she swung a great axe with brute force instead of piercing with purposeful precision. About all the 2 lives had in common was "half" :)

While young the diehard feature of the Berserker was useful, but eventually she shifted her focus and heavily trained as an Occult Slayer.

She lived to see level 23, nearly level 24, before visiting the life-shaper to reincarnate once again.

This lifetime spanned roughly 5 months as her life was full of activities beyond the scope of adventuring as well. Our family moving and settling into the new home was a priority.

Chaotic Good

Occult Slayer

Her third lifetime is her second life as a barbarian. She now knows some of the strengths and weaknesses of the class, but definitely wants the strength that comes with 30 extra hit points from past life feats before moving on to other experiences.

She remembers some of her previous training this life and has attained level 6 within a matter of days. Will the rest of this lifetime pass this quickly?

I feel her chaotic inclinations are waning and her next lifetime will most likely take her alignment to neutral good.

Neutral Good

Frenzied Berserker / Occult Slayer

This was Akateva's first lifetime as a dwarf. Her alignment has indeed shifted as well. Some things will be very different this life, others mostly the same. The early levels are flying past...

On our first night we saved Korthos, running every quest out there in under an hour. That pace will surely not continue though once our new adventurer recruit arrives. I don't even know his character's name, but Kaibeth's (real-life) son will soon be joining us in the wilds and dungeons. His eagerness to join our party has rushed us into this lifetime so we can play together.

To see 100 hit points before even running our first adventure of this lifetime was definitely a first for me; the guild buffs along with some nice gear and dwarven constitution work nicely with the 2 barbarian past lives Akateva has completed.

This became another extended lifetime, this time for medical reasons and came to a close with a vacation during 2015's Risia Ice Games while Risian Sparrow competed on the ski ramps. After running a few final raids at the close of Risia, Akateva will be ready to embark on the next leg of her journey.

The rest of the plan...

* Realizing that I'd be more comfortable being known by what had become my standard online nickname of Teva in DDO as well, Ammahra sought out a magistrar and had them inscribe an official scroll in recognition of her name change to Akateva. (she could not be renamed simply "Teva" as another (inactive) character had already claimed that title within the official record books of Sarlona). Her last name may change as well to easily identify my main solo character, Makazokri, instead of using a region wherein we no longer dwell (Nahewenoka means "near Wenatchee-Okanogan").

updated February, 2015 / Status: Fourth Lifetime

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