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Typically I have drafts ready to upload upon the launch of a major update but I simply was unable to do so this time. Due to a death in the family in May, I was unable to prepare from the PTS so website updates were instead finalized in the first week of June, 2017. All pertinent information should now be considered updated to Morrowind's launch.

Currently my focus is on expanding the guides for developing your class: I will be expanding the text atop the skill charts which recommend gear and other options as time allows (however I'm still dealing with grief & probate, so please be patient). Rest assured however that each class skill chart accurately describes all skills & morphs (and with all numbers checked/corrected) as of June, 2017.

Begin Your Journey in The Elder Scrolls Online

The most important knowledge for a new player is this: the only things about your character that cannot be changed are your Alliance and your Class. Most options can be changed at the cost of in-game gold, however some changes (specifically race, name, & appearance) would need to be purchased with crowns.

After choosing your alliance and class, customizing your character's appearance, and completing the basic tutorial what's your next step? Answering that question and guiding your first few hours in The Elder Scrolls Online is the focus of:

Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Starting Out in ESO

Build: Character Development Tips & Tools

Tools and Other Resources

Play: Essential Quests

With the exception of "Daily Quests" (quest-givers with blue markers) the quests in ESO are not repeatable. Since each character may complete each quest's story only once, if you plan to do a quest with a group then everyone in your party must have never previously completed and turned in the quest. If a character has started a quest but has not turned it in, then that quest can be abandoned within the Quest Journal so as to start it over with the group.

ESO's Main Story (a series of solo quests) is accessed through the Harborage, but there's also a regional story arc which is presented within each zone. The Mages Guild & Fighters Guild also each have their own storyline that progresses through contact with the guild halls in each sequential zone within your alliance. There are also many side quests which are tasks for an individual quest giver but are not part of the chain for that zone's storyline.

Essential Quests progress the regional story arc, lead to a skill point, or are part of Cadwell's Silver/Gold series. These quests tend to have pre-requisites within the zone's story arc quest chain and thus often cannot be directly shared among a group through the Quest Journal. Each character should plan to take these quests directly from the quest giver as listed below.

Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Crafting

Customize with Truly Useful Add-Ons

Addons are installed within your "My Documents" folder. The exact structure resembles

C:\My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns\(NameOfAddOn)

We find the following addons very useful:

For Everyone
For Crafters

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