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Guide to the Fighters Guild

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Any player can join the Fighters Guild by speaking with the Hall Steward in their home alliance's Fighters Guild Hall in Vulkhel Guard (Auridon AD), Daggerfall (Glenumbra DC), or Davon's Watch (Stonefalls EP). Joining the Fighters Guild provides access to a storyline, daily quests, and a skill line.

Storyline Quests

Dailies: Destroy Dark Anchors

Bounty Quests in Cyrodiil

It should be noted that values shown below reflect the ability and/or morph once it is fully trained which sometimes differs from earlier costs, durations, or damage values. All costs and damage values shown below are without attribute points placed, without equipment, without passive skills and without champion points so it's easier to compare skills without concern for gear/build differences.

Remember that if a skill costs Magicka, it scales with your maximum Magicka while if a skill costs Stamina, it scales with your maximum Stamina. Synergies and Ultimate abilities scale based on your Magicka or Stamina, whichever is greater.

Fighters Guild Skill Line

Fighters Guild levels are gained by destroying dark anchors as well as killing undead & daedra

Required Skill Level Skill Name Benefit Cost
1 Intimidating Presence Allows you to Intimidate NPCs in conversation and reduces the Stamina cost of Fighter's Guild abilities by 15%. Passive
2 Silver Bolts
(range: 28 meters)
Deals 658 Physical Damage and reduces Movement Speed by 40% for 4 seconds. 3510 Stamina
Morph Option 1 Silver Shards
(radius: 5 meters)
Also fires up to 5 additional bolts to other enemies near the target, each doing 47% less damage. 3510 Stamina
Morph Option 2 Silver Leash After firing, the ability changes into Tighten (range: 22 meters) which allows you to pull yourself to the target and deal 593 Phsyical Damage. Fires a bolt that upon hitting and damaging an enemy for 593? Physical Damage pulls them toward you and applies a snare upon them. 3510 Stamina
3 Slayer Increases Weapon Damage by 1% for each Fighters Guild ability slotted. Passive
? Slayer II Increases Weapon Damage by 2% for each Fighters Guild ability slotted. Passive
? Slayer III Increases Weapon Damage by 3% for each Fighters Guild ability slotted. Passive
4 Circle of Protection Grants you & your allies Minor Protection and Minor Endurance for 20 seconds. 7987 Stamina
Morph Option 1 Turn Undead Increases the duration to 24 seconds. Also, nearby Daedra, Undead, & Werewolves are Feared for 5 seconds. 7987 Stamina
Morph Option 2 Ring of Preservation Also reduces the cost of roll Dodge by 20%. 7718 Stamina
5 Banish the Wicked Gain 3 Ultimate by killing an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf. Passive
? Banish the Wicked II Gain 6 Ultimate by killing an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf. Passive
? Banish the Wicked III Gain 9 Ultimate by killing an Undead, Daedra, or Werewolf. Passive
6 Expert Hunter
(radius: 6 meters)
While slotted, gain Major Savagery. Activate to detect nearby stealthed & invisible enemies for 5 seconds (exposed enemies cannot return to stealth/invisbility for 3 seconds). 5400 Stamina
Morph Option 1 Evil Hunter Also reduces the cost of Fighters Guild abilities by 28% while active. 5400 Stamina
Morph Option 2 Camouflaged Hunter While slotted, also gain Minor Berserk for 6 seconds after dealing Critical Damage from Crouch. 5400 Stamina
7 Skilled Tracker Fighters Guild abilities deal an additional 20% damage to Undead, Daedra, and Werewolves. Passive
8 Trap Beast A trap at your location takes 1.5 seconds to arm then lasts for 60 seconds. When triggered, the trap deals 397 Physical Damage instantly and 1053 Physical Damage over 6 seconds as well as immobilizing the enemy for 6 seconds and grants you Minor Force. 3780 Stamina
Morph Option 1 Rearming Trap When triggered the trap deals less damage (278 Physical Damage instantly and 744 Physical Damage over 6 seconds) but will rearm to trigger a second time. 3780 Stamina
Morph Option 2 Lightweight Beast Trap
(range: 28 meters)
Can be tossed to a target location up to 28 meters away instead of at your location. 3780 Stamina
9 Bounty Hunter Allows you to accept bounty quests in Cyrodiil. Passive
10 Dawnbreaker
(radius: 10 meters)
Deal 1027 Physical Damage instantly and 1191 Physical Damage over 5 seconds to enemies in front of you.
(this ability and its morphs cannot be dodged)
125 Ultimate
Morph Option 1 Flawless Dawnbreaker While slotted, also increases Weapon Damage by 5%. 125 Ultimate
Morph Option 2 Dawnbreaker of Smiting Increases the damage to 1226 Physical Damage instantly and 1371 Physical Damage over 5 seconds. Meridia's blade now also Stuns them for 2.5 seconds. 125 Ultimate

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