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This article should be considered a supplement to the "Homestead Basics Guide" published by ESO staff. You should read that article for basics that will guide you through the acquisition of your first home (a room at the inn) and its initial settings.

I will not be repeating here the basics of how to acquire a home or place furnishings, but rather will supplement with further information I wish they had included, so more of a resource than an instruction guide.

Also, a very helpful table for choosing your home can be viewed on UESP's website; it shows cost, style, location, and pre-requisite achievements (and theirs can be sorted by any column unlike the tables I had initially made).

Setting Up Your Home

A homeowner can adjust visitor permissions to allow or disallow entry to entire guilds or individual player accounts; no feature allows permissions based off your friends list. The guild permissions are superceded by individual permissions so that you could invite the majority of a guild but not specific players into your home. Any permitted visitor can go to your primary home at any time, even when you are offline. Your selection of a primary home can be changed from within the home you wish to make your "Primary Residence" through the Settings tab of the "Home Options" (defautl F5) interface. Visitors may only enter other homes you may own while you are in them through the "travel to player" system.

Some items can be directly acquired through fishing activities (i.e. seashells) or through searching various containers (i.e. inkwells, fish). Beyond that you can craft your own furnishings or purchase them from in-game vendors or the crown store. Only the homeowner's account can place items within a home, giving someone decorator priveleges only allows them to move items which you have already placed in the home.

Crafting Your Own Furnishings

The crafting of furniture requires rare furnishing materials which are occasionally found in nodes alongside regular materials. However, many recipes are cross-craft and may also require rare furniture materials and crafting passive ranks from other crafts as well, i.e. blueprints for a bed might require both woodworking (for the structure) and clothing (for the bedding).

In addition, numerous style materials (unlike other crafts which only require one such material) are also needed. Creation of most items uses improvement materials (i.e. pitch, resin, rosin) and some also require trait gems as a nod to the ornamentation/quality level.

Crafting plans can be acquired in any container just like provisioning recipes have always been acquired. In addition, the housing update makes both furniture & provisioning recipes also available through activities such as pickpocketing and murder. Once you learn the furniture plan you can make the item at the appropriate crafting station as shown below.

Schematic Type
Crafting Station
Associated Material
DesignProvisioningDecorative Wax
FormulaAlchemyAlchemical Resin
PatternClothingBast or Clean Pelt
PraxisEnchantingMundane Rune

Furnishing Plans

Basic plans for common items can be acquired from the merchant associated with the craft as shown below and some special plans are available from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, who trades in Master Writ Vouchers instead of gold. There are also some plans for purchase from Faustina Curio, the Achievement Mediator, which include older furniture plans and special new items tied to crafting achievements.

To acquire these writ vouchers you must be lucky enough to receive Master Writs in your reward container for delivering top-tier writs to Belkarth in Craglorn. If you want to learn the secret to making these very special items you should learn your tradecraft well as this supposedly improves your chances of finding master writs. Upon completing a Master Writ (can only have one active at a time), you give the product(s) to Rolis Hlaalu who is found in your alliance's capital city (Elden Root in Grahtwood, Wayrest in Stormhaven, or Mournhold in Deshaan).

Shopping for Furnishings

So where can you find furnishings for gold if making them yourself is not your style? Besides shopping with a crafter or on guild stores, you might check stock at the following vendor locations:

Zone Locale Zone Locale Zone Locale
Khenarthi's Roost Mistral Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress Bal Foyen Dhalmora
Auridon Skywatch Glenumbra Daggerfall Stonefalls Ebonheart
Grahtwood Redfur Trading Post Stormhaven Wayrest Deshaan Mournhold
Greenshade Marbruk Rivenspire Shornhelm Shadowfen Alten Corimont
Malabal Tor Vulkwasten Alik'r Desert Kozanset Eastmarch Fort Amol
Reaper's March Rawl'kha Bangkorai Evermore The Rift Riften
Cyrodiil Western Gate Cyrodiil Northern Gate Cyrodiil Southern Gate
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Home Goods Furnisher:
Frohilde Snow-Hair

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Zone Locale Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Zone Locale
Coldharbour Hollow City Craglorn Belkarth
Grahtwood Undaunted Enclave Stormhaven Undaunted Enclave Deshaan Undaunted Enclave
Undaunted Quartermaster:
Undaunted Quartermaster:
Undaunted Quartermaster:
Ilmeni Arelas
Orsinium DLC Thieves Guild DLC
Wrothgar Orsinium Hew's Bane Abah's Landing
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Dark Brotherhood DLC Morrowind Exp.
Gold Coast Kvatch Vvardenfell Vivec City
Home Goods Furnisher:
Frohilde Snow-Hair

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Horns of the Reach DLC Clockwork City DLC
Undaunted Enclave Undaunted Enclave Clockwork City Brass Fortress
Undaunted Quartermaster:
Caenlilmith in Elden Root
Brazzideh in Wayrest
Ilmeni Arelas in Mournhold
Home Goods Furnisher:
Mulvise Valyn

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Summerset Exp. ?
Summerset Alinor ? ?
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:
Home Goods Furnisher:

Zone Achievements Furnisher:

Furniture vendors have a chair symbol on the game map. Find various plants, rocks, and common miscellaneous items from Home Goods Furnishers; these items will reflect native flora/minerals to the zone in which they are found. Various Achievements Furnishers will also sell you items reminiscent from their zone's quests or unique to other achievements.

Items Available from Home Goods Furnishers

The Home Goods Furnishers tend to carry some very basic wares as well as rocks and plants native to the zone. Anyone with enough gold (actually takes very little) can purchase these items; they have no pre-requisite achievements.

Items Associated with Achievements

Note that furnishings which require an achievement to purchase are bound to the account at the time of purchase.

Narwaawende sells items associated with general achievements. She is found within each alliance capital city (Elden Root in Grahtwood, Wayrest in Stormhaven, or Mournhold in Deshaan) but carries the same goods regardless of the location. These achievements generally come from the main storyline or from activities outside of questing such as fishing, etc.

Special Items

These special items are purchased with writ vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, or from Faustina Curio, the Achievement Mediator, both of whom can be found in your alliance's capital city (Elden Root in Grahtwood, Wayrest in Stormhaven, or Mournhold in Deshaan).

In order to purchase these items, you must complete top-tier writs and be lucky enough to receive Master Writs in your rewards for those writs, then complete the Master Writ, and turn it in to Rolis Hlaalu in exchange for Writ Vouchers.

Important! Attunable crafting stations are bound to the account at the time they are attuned to a particular set. They can be purchased by a master crafter, sent to another account, then attuned and placed, but once attuned they become bound.

Luxury Furnishings

A rotating stock of items will be available on weekends only from Zanil Theran in Cicero's Food & General Goods within the Hollow City of Coldharbour. In this case luxury does not necessarily mean "fine wares" -- it is instead used to mean simply "limited time availability." These items are unbound so if you missed an item you may find some available on guild traders.

Other Ways to Acquire Furnishings

There are a few other ways to stumble upon and acquire furnishings. Paintings may be found in various chests throughout Tamriel, including new paintings themed to Morrowind (which will be found only in Morrowind). Fishing will occasionally yield various fish, plants, or shells. Harvesting mushroom and plant nodes in Vvardenfell sometimes yields accompanying foliage or fungi (as do beetles with a fungal infection). Steal stacks of paper or inkwells from desks or other furniture. Pickpocket gaming die from outlaws, liquor from drunkards, fish and supplies from fishermen, writings from scholars, candles from pilgrims or healers, or crumbs of bread from beggars. If you're brave, you could even steal a bounty poster from a guard, a human skull from cultists/priests/assassins, or a throne pattern from a noble!

New items were added to the game with Morrowind. Ashlander dinnerware might rarely be received as a reward for daily quests completed for Ashlanders of Vvardenfell. Urns situated in ancestral tombs may also offer up unique furnishings. Also, new furnishing plans may be acquired by pickpocketing citizens of Vvardenfell or safeboxes in Morrowind. Daedric furnishing plans may now (with Morrowind) be found in reward chests for defeating a Dark Anchor (aka "Dolmen"); rarely these may also be found from slain humanoid Daedra, such as Dremora or Xivkyn. Dwarven constructs may now sometimes provide plans for Dwarven machinery and pipeworks or furnishing cogs and gears; dwarven plans might also be found among world objects within Dwarven ruins.

Don't forget collectible Monster Busts can be acquired by completing Veteran dungeons or trials and looting the object at the end. Completing a dungeon or trial on any difficulty will also now yield a Monster Trophy (head) account-wide collectible which can be placed once per house. Morrowind also brings us a few new collectible furnishings such as the Vvardenfell Scale Model (patch notes say "Librarian Bradyn in Vivec City believes that completing such a model will reveal the location of the lost Library of Andule, an ancient repository of the knowledge of the Great Houses"), Assembly General Trophy by completing the Halls of Fabrication, and the Assembly General Bust (by completing Halls of Fabrication on Veteran difficulty).

Some furnishing items & plans seem to only come from limited places. The ones known are summarized below:

Item Zone Wayshrine Location Details
Coffin & Coffin Lid (plans) Hew's Bane Abah's Landing Darano House
Hourglass Gold Coast any any pickpocket priests who are "obsessed with time"
Throne, Bosmer Grahtwood any any pickpocket nobles
Throne, Breton Stormhaven any any pickpocket nobles
Throne, Orc Wrothgar any any pickpocket nobles

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