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Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Werewolves & Vampires

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A player cannot be a vampire and a werewolf (or infected with the diseases that cause each transformation) at the same time; werewolf skills are most useful to stamina-based characters and vampire skills are most useful to magicka-based characters. If you wish to clear your infection, a Priest of Arkay in the Mages Guild within Rawl'kha, Evermore, or Riften can assist you.

To become infected, one can be bitten by another player, be attacked and infected by a NPC in the game (rare occurance), or, as a last resort, buy the item in the crown store. One can become infected with vampirism only during the New Moon phase, which occurs every 8 days or with Sanguines Lupinus (leads to werewolf) during the Full Moon phase. To check the current moon phase, look at the water level in Riften where the dock steps enter the water. During the proper moon phase, and only within The Rift, Bangkorai, or Reaper's March at certain spawn locations one can become infected from a bloodfiend (vampire) or werewolf -- but only if they are attacked before these NPCs are killed as it appears they do not respawn.

It should be noted that values reflect the ability and/or morph once it is fully trained which sometimes differs from earlier costs, durations, or damage values. All costs and damage values are without attribute points placed, without equipment, without passive skills and without champion points so it's easier to compare skills without concern for gear/build differences. Remember that if a skill costs Magicka, it scales with your maximum Magicka while if a skill costs Stamina, it scales with your maximum Stamina. Synergies and Ultimate abilities scale based off Magicka or Stamina, whichever is greater.

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